Greening systems

Light and fine CABLETECH® plant training system providing support and guidance for greening. They meet the requirements for additional full-grown vegetation (esp. in cities) in the form of green facades.
CABLETECH® greening systems are appealing, ecologically sensible and useful. In addition, they are characterised by a long lifetime and zero maintenance.

Protective and separation nets

Diagonal, multifunctional and flexible CABLETECH® nets for the widest range of applications – especially as fall protection system or barrier to restrict passing through of persons or moving of breeding animals..
Combined with stainless frames of CABLETECH® anchoring system it perfectly fulfills its function as a protective and separating structure and provides appeal as an elegant design element.

Balustrade infills

CABLETECH® Infills are intended for mounting the railings structures using the separate parallel cables or diagonal cable nets. Their application brings an excellent protective and aesthetics qualities.
Subtle structure of stainless steel ropes and nets from the CABLETECH® series is elegant and durable – perfectly fulfills its protective function and creates fine aesthetic accents.
CABLETECH® infills are supplied in the form of frames with integrated infills (i.e. LUX or FLEX frames) or custom-made to string own customer frames. Further also as rope assemblies or net yardage, which enables to form from these yardage – without cutting – an oblique-angled shapes of infills.

Suspension systems

CABLETECH® Rope Suspension Systems for mounting flat or spatial elements using the cable, rod and other forms of binding. They serve for innovative solutions in mainly indoor architecture.
With the combination of CABLETECH® elements arise creative and innovative solutions, i.e. in the areas of exbibitions, product presentations, racking systems or other suspensions.

Design structures

CABLETECH® Design structures are unique self-supporting spatial elements serving as supporting structures for greening, vertical or horizontal communications and as art objects for Architecture.
CABLETECH® Flexible Nets act as membrane. The net itself is formed in an area from the basic right-angled rectangular mesh without cutting and clipping together. It is due to fact that the shape and proportions of the individual mesh continously varies depending on the distribution of forces within the membrane.
These feature we have used for realization of a completely unique projects for example, CSOB Radlicka, BTP Chodov, Golf club in Certovo Bremeno or Zlin Congress center.