CABLETECH® Rope Systems is a premium-quality, custom-manufactured product that is highly compatible with creative contemporary architecture.

Due to the continuous evolution we can flexibly react to the individual requirements of architects and new building technologies. For example, double-step Anchoring System with complete interruption of the thermal bridge, modular compensation elements to guarantee the maximum force in the rope structures or Flexible Net Technology for spatial structures.

CABLETECH® Rope Systems is ideal for complex, variable and aesthetic solutions and have the potential to satisfy a wide variety of requirements.

Our specialization

Greening systems
Protective and separation nets
Balustrade infills
Suspensions systems
Design structures

Examples of applications
  • Greening systems for exterior: parking buildings, industrial halls, logistics centers, business centers; spatial structures, green facades, pergolas, fences, walls, etc.
  • Greening systems for interior: atriums, foyers, lobbies, offices, interior spatial structures, interior vegetation walls, etc.
  • Safety nets for stairways, fanlights, french windows, etc.
  • Separation nets and barriers to define space, land, etc.
  • Nets for transparent zoo enclosures (cages, aviaries) of every imaginable form
  • Ball catch nets
  • Fall protection for helipads
  • Anti-hurricane nets
  • Decoration nets
  • Cable or net balustrade infills (for stairways, terraces, French style windows, skylights, etc.)
  • Carriers for hanging advertising elements, sails, etc.
  • Exhibition and rack systems
  • Anti-noise structures
  • Decorative cladding for buildings
  • Supporting and suspension structures
  • Wind bracings
  • Design structures used as Plant Training Systems lighting
  • Observation towers and escape staircase
  • Sky-bridges and sky-footways
  • Spatial art decoration object for Architecture

What we offer

  • Professional design
    The author of all components and assemblies is a National Architecture and Design Awards winner.
  • Limitless lifespan
    The bulk of the components are made of A4 grade stainless steel.
  • Unbeatable price
    With our own unique production technology and individual approach to every customer, we always try to achieve the optimum balance between quality and price.
  • Technical support of the architect
    In case of more complex project we offer a support of the architect.
CABLETECH® scope of supply
  • Optimized solutions
  • Manufacturing and delivery of selected components including or excluding instalation
  • Architectional project
  • Static analysis

The realisation of intelligent and innovative ideas demands a creative partnership of various experts. We know how to optimize project in Cooperation with all parties in the creative process (investor, project’s author, constructor, construction manager, or locksmith company).
Count on the proactive support of CABLETECH® in developing innovative solutions – from planning phase to turnkey on-site assembly of our products.

Guaranteed stability of our nets

The weave is made of fine and resistants stainless steel ropes which are characterised by a high load capacity and a low self-weight.

CABLETECH® nets endurance testing results

CABLETECH® net was subjected to numerous tests and complies with all applicable standards: As a permanent protective and safety net for bridges or observation platforms, it is absolutely UV and weather resistant.

Our reference projects

You are invited to take inspiration from the following countless successfully implemented reference projects.

Featured reference projects

New footbridges for KRNAP from the students’ workshop
New footbridges for KRNAP from the students' workshop

Lucerna’s roof turned into a green meadow
Lucerna's roof turned into a green meadow

Jablonec nad Nisou – Single-storey house on a slope

Treetop with tree crowns – Bachledova Valley

New building on Národní třída

  • Prague, CSOB Radlicka – trellage systems for the bank
  • Prague, Hanspaulka – greening systems for a circullar house
  • Prague, Vysocany – fire escape stairways cladding (ORCO)
  • Finland, Net infills for the footbridge over the river
  • Germany, Neuschonau – protective nets for a Tree top walk
  • Prague, Ocelarska footbridge (bikepath) – protective nets
  • Moscow, Telekom City – trellage systems
  • Serbia, Belgrade, Family house “Wave” – Decorative 3D
  • Bratislava, Digital Park II, Penta – trellage & railing systems
  • Humpolec, Hranipex – trellage nets for the warehouse
  • Caslav, Less – interior and exterior greening systems
  • Zlin, Cultural and Information Centre – 3D decoration nets
  • Prague, Glass and ceramics laboratories – protective nets
  • Prague, Parking building Telefonica O2 – exterior nets
  • Prague, Petrske namesti, interior and exterior protective nets
  • Brno, Villa Tugendhat, UNESCO monument – trellage systems
  • Brno, JAMU (UNISTAV, OHLZS) – cable trellage systems
  • Prague, Pruhonice, Alzheimer centrum – aviary for birds
  • Hluboka nad Vltavou, ZOO Ohrada – bird pavilion
  • Mlada Boleslav, Skoda car manufacturer – trellage system I.
  • Brno, ZOO – aviary for owls pavilion
  • Semily, Footbridge over the Jizera river – balustrade infills
  • Prague, Cortex offices building
  • Prague, Villa Verde – trellage systems (Hinton)
  • Prague, Apartment block Na Radosti – trellage systems (BAK)
  • Lipno, Tree Top walk (direct cooperation with an investor)
  • Praha – Petrské náměstí, interierové a exterierové sítě
  • Austria, Heidenreichstein – ballustrade infills
  • Prague, Office buildings for Seznam.cz, Krizik Palace
  • Trebic, Protective nets for a lookout tower (Vitkovice eng.)
  • Plzen, ZSS (ABADIA)
  • Prague, Chuchle elementary school – shading systems
  • Prague, Apartment block V Mezihori – trellage systems (BAK)
  • Brno, Caitec – greening systems (Konsit)
  • Ladna, cemetary fence
  • Olomouc, ZOO enclosures
  • Prague, Luziny business center (Syner)
  • Susice, Swimming pool – net protection systems (Hochtieff)
  • Prague, Greening systems for church building (Passerinvest)
  • Prague, Kotva shopping mall – sliding fence on the terrace
  • Prague, Hotel Maximilian
  • Prague, Drahobejlova Family house – trellage systems
  • Brno, Greening systems for parking house
  • Susice, Footbridge over the Rousarka river (Hochtieff)
  • Prague, Family house Nad Sarkou – trellage systems
  • Ostrava, Privoz – revitalization of the train station
  • Mlada Boleslav – trellage systems for AUTOSKODA
  • Maledivy, Oceania – protective nets in the child’s playground
  • Bratislava, Digitalpark III (Penta) – cable greening systems
  • Prague, Main Point Karlin – 3D decorative design structures
  • Chomutov, Chomutovka Business Center – 3D structures
  • Prague, Blanka tunnel – trellage nets for the tunnel outlets
  • Ceske Budejovice, trellage systems for UNICREDIT Bank
  • Tachov, Protective nets for the lookout tower (Strabag)

The future is green

Green facades are an expression of a responsible contact with nature, it enriches our daily living environment. With CABLETECH® Greening systems greenery can be taken to our cities.
The latest insights on climbing plants combined with tastefully designed and technically sophisticated green training systems open a treasure chest of greening variations and styles.

Greening makes sense even from a construction physics point of view and has many ecological benefits. The future is indeed green: it will be shaped by the creative collaboration of innovation-driven architects with greening specialists, among them in place of honor, undoubtedly, CABLETECH® company.

Unique technology of greening